Installed dome drive and speakers

I got my new Atomic Pickle dome drive from Guy. This is the new version 2 style with a planetary motor. This is a serious motor. It uses a bit more current than the Pittman but its very sturdy. The output shaft is 3/8″ and has double ball bearings on it. This motor was designed for Battlebot use and it has been tested in battle many times so you know its tough.

I also got a small 300 watt amp from David Navone for
$40 and it works great. Its hard to believe how small it is and how much power it can put out. I hooked it up to some 4×6 oval speakers from Blaupunkt (GTx 462) and installed them in my r2 on the sides below where the legs attach. I am going to replace the blue back plate of the side vents with blue speaker cloth to let the sound through. The speakers are mounted to a piece of tinted polycarbonate that is attached to the side plates with 5/16″ standoffs that I made from aluminum bar stock, using my lathe. Pictures below.


One Response to “Installed dome drive and speakers”

  1. Tony Says:

    Glen – This is pretty cool. You have way too much time on your hands.

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