More iPhone progress

Yesterday I was able to borrow an iPod touch and verified that it was able to control servos (or R2D2) as well so that theory is confirmed. I was able to use a iPhone and the iPod touch at the same time and it worked just fine. Also I was able to remove a computer from the setup. In the video below, a computer was acting as a OSC message translator. The message path would be something like this:

iPhone –> wifi router –> computer –> wifi router –> microcontroller –> servo (or motor)

The iphone would send a message like

/mrmr/accelerometerX/44/iPhone 450

the computer would translate that message into this and send it to the microcontroller

/servo/0/position 450

Simple but effective.

Recently I was able to do the same without the computer and have the microcontroller do some internal translation of the message.

Now the message path looks like this:

iPhone –> wifi router –> microcontroller –> servo (or motor)

Yes the R2D2 will have a wireless router inside it and will be power from battery.

I am also working on controlling a vmusic2 module in order to produce the sounds R2D2 makes. I am also planning on controlling other parts of R2 with this setup as well including:

  • Dome motor
  • Feet motors
  • Holo servo
  • door panel servos
  • JEDI system control (lights)
  • Periscope (eventually)
  • Lifeform scanner (eventually)
  • and more

Another nice aspect of this setup is that I can add microcontrollers and remotes (iPhones or iPod touch) to extend the system.


5 Responses to “More iPhone progress”

  1. Hallgeir Says:

    Could you tell us a bit more about this?
    Are you using TouchOSC on the iphone? and a openwrt or something similar on the router? Any hints ??? 😀

    • ggpipe Says:

      I was using TouchOSC before, but now I am using mrmr, which is free and open source. The router doesn’t need to be fancy. It just does the wifi to ethernet bridge. The microcontroller contains all the smarts and I wrote a custom program to act as the interface. I am still working on the program from time to time. Right now I am mainly concentrating on building. Once I get the program perfected I will more information.

  2. David Says:


    I came across your website from a post of yours on the MakingThings forums. I am actually working on a similar project, but i’m having trouble getting the Make controller to interpret the messages sent out from TouchOSC or mrmr. I am studying some of the existing code for it, but I can’t seem to figure out how to do it. Basically I want the Make to take a message from TouchOSC (for example “/1/toggle1”) and understand that it means something like /digitalout/6/value 1 for example. I noticed that you got it to work and was hoping that you could send me either the code you wrote so i can modify it to my needs or atleast instructions on how I can go about doing it myself. Thanks.

  3. Sean Says:

    What a fantastic project! I recently got a wild hair to build an R2, and while doing some research for my project, I found you. I have to admit you have done a wonderful job, and I’m inspired by your work.

    If you don’t mind a question…
    What microcontroller are you using? I looked over your blog but couldn’t find any annotation regarding the microcontroller.



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