Chain is my bane mainly in Spain

Well Spain really has nothing to do with it but it rhymes and I’m a bit frustrated with chain on the Senna drive. It’s been a long time since my last post mostly because I haven’t made much progress and just have been aquiring parts. The one thing I would like to make progress on though it getting my R2 moving and recently I got most of the parts I need to do that so I have had a burst of building activity. I just got a Senna drive that Jerry C. ran so I have been putting it together. I put together on drive outside the foot and it went pretty smoothly. The tough part was getting it into the foot. The tolerances are very tight, so tight that the motor casing needs to be ground down to fit it into the battery boxes. Also chain is very fussy when it comes to proper tension and alignment. Too much tension and the chain binds up. Too little tension and it slops around and may even fall off. On the Senna drive the method of adjusting tension is to loosen some bolts and move things around, but the bolts you need to loosen you can’t even reach while the motor is in place so it’s take the motor off, adjust the tension, put the motor on, check tension, take motor off, readjust tension and so on. Really frustrating and annoying.

Chain an I have a history too. I built a battlebot for Season 4 of the TV show Battlebots and it was chain driven. It worked fine when at home, but when I got to Treasure Island my robot was over the weight limit so I had to swap out some metal parts for plastic ones – the shaft collars. Those plastic ones didn’t work worth beans and slid off the first chance they got, causing the shaft to slide over, chain to come off and the whole thing stop working.

Anyhow, now I am back on the chain gang and its deja vu.

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