R2’s first steps

Well 24 hours later R2 is taking his first steps. Note that the worlds largest remote control that I am using in the video is an IFI robotics Isaac16 and is kinda flaky and only temporary. Eventually I will use the iPhone or a Spektrum system to remote control it.

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8 Responses to “R2’s first steps”

  1. Chris Says:

    R2-Rumba….Is the carpet clean yet?

  2. Chris Says:

    Nice job BTW.

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    […] Looks like the iPhone makes for a great R2D2 robot controller. It’s cool to see the new iPhone technology interface and control a robot that we remember from our past. Nice to see the endeavor pay off with the robots first steps. […]

  4. Technology Info » iPhone Controlled R2D2 Robot Says:

    […] is a work in progress but in the end the creator will have it working 100% with his iPhone. The first steps video shows the robot under control of a standard remote but that is just a temporary control method. Have a look here for some of the iPhone interface […]

  5. eitan Says:

    can you elaborate at how you control it?

    Basically it is controlled how it is described in my blog via
    iphone – wifi router – microcontroller – speed controller – motor

    All of the equipment lives in the r2 except the iphone.

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  8. skulltronix Says:

    We’re looking for a developer to write an interface for our SkullTroniX skulls using the iPhone. Anyone interested please email info@skulltronix.com

    See the product at http://skulltronix.com/gallery.html

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